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Rebuilding Nepal



The earthquakes that have struck Nepal since the first 7.8 quake on April 25th represent the greatest natural disasters to befall Nepal in modern history. The earthquakes have killed more than 8,500 people, injured tens of thousands, and left an estimated 2.5 million people homeless. Over 1,100 healthcare facilities have been destroyed.

The Urgent Need

They have left the country in a scenario we call “acute on chronic,” meaning an acute emergency has been layered on top of a chronic one.

Nepal already had a weak healthcare system before the earthquakes. Now, there are over 1,100 healthcare facilities damaged or destroyed and an increased burden of disease and disability.

A Bold Commitment

To respond to this crisis, we are expanding our work in Nepal and rebuilding the healthcare system in one of the worst-hit districts: Dolakha. You can read about Dolakha here.

Based on our seven years of experience building healthcare systems in rural Nepal, we know what it takes to build a health system from the bottom-up—where there is damaged infrastructure and a shortage of human capital.

We Are Committed to Building Back Differently

Now is the time to build the kind of healthc

By Nabaratna Bista   2015-07-12