December 12, 2017NP | ENG

Industrial Trade Fair navauem day viewers crowd



Navaundina Friday 38 thousand 7 hundred and 42 of the viewer fair overview of the Chairman and fair coordinator Neupane said.
Friday Hot Chili Tim Shiva Poudel National hasyakalakaradvaya jire and Kiran KC of Nepali and Indian police force Roll unique hasyabyangyale viewers had the stomach to laugh micimici. So popular song singer and dancer in the light Magar brddhadekhi yuvasammako attraction could be seen. Similarly, viewers ekakhuttabata great masses Roma Neupane, dance, singing popular Anu Dhakal, tried Chhetri hetaundeli singer song came to the fair to see the audience could mantramugdhna.
Similarly, local artists Anju Gautam, eye Pant, Parvati Bhujel gayanale song had been able to win the hearts of viewers said kyarikecara NEW YORK, Lakshmi syantana, phiujana Dance Center, Miss Dance Center, Taleju Dance Dance Center sculptures were presented

By Surendra Lama   2016-03-12