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Rising death toll and massive damage



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Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will be required to push legislation through Parliament from Monday to convince his 18 partners in the monetary union to release immediate funds to avert a Greek state bankruptcy and start negotiations on a third bailout programme.

Some laws will have to be passed by Wednesday and the entire package endorsed by Parliament before talks can start, one Minister said.

Mr. Tsipras said on arrival in Brussels he wanted “another honest compromise” to keep Europe united.

“We can reach an agreement tonight if all parties want it,” he said.

But German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country is the biggest contributor to Eurozone bailouts, said the conditions were not yet right to start negotiations, sounding cautious in deference to mounting opposition at home to more aid for Greece.

“The most important currency has been lost and that is trust,” she told reporters. “That means that we will have tough discussions and there will be no agreement at any price.”

European Council President Donald Tusk cancelled a planned summit of all 28 EU leaders that would have been needed in case of a Greek exit from the single currency, and said Eurozone leaders would keep talking “until we conclude talks on Greece”.

Eurogroup Finance Ministers wrapped up a meeting broken off after nine hours of acrimonious debate on Saturday night without a firm recommendation on Greece’s application for a three-year loan on the basis of reform proposals Mr. Tsipras sent on Thursday.

A Eurogroup document seen by Reuters said Greece must pass laws to change its value added tax and pension systems, reform bankruptcy rules and strengthen the independence of its statistics office before bailout talks can even begin.

Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem said that while Ministers had made good progress, a couple of big issues were left for the leaders to resolve.

“The Eurogroup ... came to the conclusion that there is not yet the basis to start the negotiations on a new programme,” the document sent to national leaders said.

The draft said Greece needed €7 billion by July 20, when it must make a crucial bond redemption to the European Central Bank, and a total of €12 billion by mid-August when another ECB payment falls due.

It did not say how those needs would be met, and EU officials said Finance Ministers had been unable to agree on emergency finance.

dical team treated hundreds of patients through temporary medical camps in Kathmandu and nearby heavily damaged communities, while other team members distributed much needed medicines and supplies to partners on the ground and coordinated relief efforts with inter-agency groups and government authorities.

More air shipments of medical aid arriving in country after the first emergency airlift of 14 tons of medicines and supplies are helping to resupply hospitals, partners and mobile medical teams treating earthquake survivors. To date, more than $20 million in medicines and supplies have been shipped or hand carried to Nepal. Our team has established a temporary warehouse in Kathmandu, identifying needs and coordinating distribution with partners.

AmeriCares has been supporting international medical teams on the ground in Nepal helping earthquake survivors. The teams included a special surgical group from India performing more complex surgeries on badly injured survivors. One of our partners, NYC Medics, has treated hundreds of survivors in hard-hit areas of Dhading District

More than 8,600 people are reported to have died in Nepal with thousands more injured. The U.N. estimates that the earthquake has affected 8.1 million people — more than a fourth of Nepal’s population of 27.8 million – with over 2.8 million in need of humanitarian assistance. At least 750,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged, leaving many people homeless. Over 1,100 medical facilities have been severely or totally damaged in the most affected areas, making the need for mobile medical teams, medical tents and supplies even more acute. Shipments of medical tents and general use tarpaulins are underway as the approach of the monsoon season and further damage from aftershocks add to the dangers faced by survivors  

Communities outside of Kathmandu at the epicenter of the quake have been devastated and are difficult to access with the damage to roads and infrastructure. The India team was among the first to visit some of these communities to provide immediate medical care. Some of the more remote communities have been so completely leveled that they may have to be abandoned and the inhabitants relocated.

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